Kilimanjaro Summit Certification
Baja California

Group Photo - Smile!
At Kyumi

Kilimanjaro Summit Certification
Made it to the Top of Africa

Group Photo - Smile!
At the summit of Kilimanjaro

2002...The ride goes on

What a ride?

Top Gun

This just passed you.

What could I have left behind?

Ride safe, Ride warm, Ride far....for heaven sake,
Ride Fast

Croatia and the Alps (Click photo)

Try it one more time.

Nordkapp 2011 (Click photo)

Experience the real drive! (Click photo)

Spain! (Click photo)

Africa 2014


Suzuki Cavalcade

Suzuki Cavalcade

Yamaha Venture

Kawasaki Vulcan

White Mercedes:
Fast, great sound system and the wind in my hair.

Easy to stir, comfortable and "free"

Yamaha Touring at its best

The yellow Toyota: Top down the entire Baja.

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I picked up another toy (2019).

Wild, Wild World!

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Europe 2017 rides
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NordKapp 2017
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